Paediatric Services

At CMH Specialist Hospital we believe a pediatrician’s job is more than just vaccines, prescriptions, physicals, well child, and sick visits. As your child’s primary care doctor, we see it as our duty to take full responsibility for their health and well-being – no matter what their health needs are or how many doctors they see. It’s an approach to primary care that puts your child at the center of it all.

Our Paediatrics Ward aesthetically designed with vibrant, colourful Disney wallpaper and decoration. Every private room even has its own unique name according to Disney Character like Aladdin, Cinderella, Mickey and others. Our super comfort private rooms make your kid’s stay never feels like in a hospital. The satellite TV provides ASTRO cartoon channels to keep children attention and parents can enjoy a restful experience with comfortable sofa and spacious room. The lounge area also connected with a wide open-air playground designed with safe flooring mat and equipped with safe in-door playground to let your little ones enjoy themselves during their stay at our hospital.

What’s a Pediatrician?

Pediatricians are doctors who provide care for the unique needs of children during their critical developmental years (birth to age 21). Rely on our pediatricians to provide compassionate and comprehensive care during your child’s journey to adulthood, including:

Preventive care, such as well-child checkups and routine screenings

Growth and development monitoring

Diagnosing and treating illnesses, infections, and injuries

Managing chronic conditions

If your child has a complex health situation, a pediatrician can address potential problems early and refer your child to a pediatric specialist. Take advantage CMH’s collaborative, streamlined process for coordinating care.

Team-Based Care

Our staff is driven to make sure you and your child have a positive experience. Trust our team of professionals to:

  • Get to know your child and family
  • Help you navigate the health care system
  • Schedule appointments and coordinate follow-up care
  • Send information to all the members of your child’s health care team
  • Update your child’s care plan
Can I Stay With My Child?

There is no such thing as visiting hours at our paediatric ward. You’ll be able to see your child and provide support by holding them or their hand throughout their stay.

Family-Centered Ward Services

Throughout your child’s hospital stay, trust our paediatric staff to:

  • Coordinate medical care
  • Explain testing and treatment options
  • Follow up with you about imaging and lab test results
  • Provide daily updates on your child’s health and care plan
  • Answer your questions
24/7 Rapid Response

Pediatric hospitalists keep a very close eye on your child and monitor their condition. If your child experiences an unexpected complication, your hospitalist will call upon a team of medical professionals to provide an immediate response to the situation.

Children Night Clinic For Working Parents

For all of working parents, do not worry if your working hours become a challenge to bring your child to see child specialist. Our Specialist Night Clinic opens routinely every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM. Let bring your kids to our Paediatrician at our children clinic at 3rd Floor.

Sunday Clinic For Working Parents

Starting from 20th September 2020, our paediatrician Dr Rubini will operate Children Clinic every Sunday from 9am – 12.30pm☺️.

Let’s meet her!

Vaccines for Children

Count on us to protect your child’s health with recommended childhood immunizations . We do have variance of vaccines such as pneumococcal, influenza, rotavirus to protect your child.


  • General Paediatric Diagnosis & Management
  • Baby, Child & Adolescent Health
  • Child Immunisation
  • Newborn Screening
  • Breastfeeding Care
  • Childhood Infection
  • Respiratory Disorder of Childhood, Asthma
  • Growth and Development Assessment
  • Childhood Immunization
  • Nursery Care
  • Child Health and Nutrition






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