Our Brand

CMH Specialist Hospital has revamped its name ! Formely known as NSCMH Medical Centre, the hospital is now moving to its new direction.

CMH Specialist Hospital (Hospital Pakar CMH) has transformed into a MULTI-DISCIPLINARY HOSPITAL that provides affordable private medical care for Malaysians of all races.

New buildings were constructed and new medical equipment and H.I.S/ IT system was installed in the centre to further enhance our services. With a whole new face lift, attentive staff, clean and comfortable environment and experienced Resident Specialist Doctors, we shall move forward with a new stratgey which sets out a road map for our people, together with our patients and community to build on our aim in achieving excellence in the provision of private healthcare.

CMH Specialist Hospital is located  in the heart of Seremban town, i.e. about 1 KM from Pasar Besar Seremban. Our Road Signages are available in Seremban area to guide you to us.


CMH Specialist Hospital objective is to provide excellent and efficient medical care to the public at affordable costs.


CMH Specialist Hospital is centered on providing an excellent and efficient services. We aim to deliver high quality comprehensive services with compassion and competence.


CMH Specialist Hospital is committed to assist patients to improve their health quality of life, through a committed professional team.